Transform Your Existing Lesson Material or Creative Content Into A New Engaging Experience

Nothing destroys the students' interest faster than boring material and presentations. All students can benefit from fun, exciting and engaging learning material. If you are revising an existing material or creating a brand new content from scratch, Guidance can help transform your material into a fun, exciting and engaging one with improved effectiveness. Our technology includes the following major features*:

  • Easy to implement -
  • We support Windows, Apple and Android platforms in web-based app and stand-alone desktop or mobile apps. Talk to us about your needs and you may be surprised how quick and easy the integration can be.

  • Integrated speech, reading, writing and analysis elements -
  • Our ready-to-use configurable plug-ins and modules cover speech, reading, writing and analysis functions for English-based content development. Other languages may be available soon.

  • Built-in interactive capability and personalization -
  • We design and deliver customized interactive functions that fit in most content formats. Either you provide the artwork or let us do it for you and then watch your material come alive and give students a learning boost.

  • Easy to manage -
  • You have the total ownership of your content, before and after the upgrade. Managing the upgraded content is text based and requiring no programming skills.