personalized learning at its best

Every student learns differently and that applies to language learning as well. In the past, personalized education is difficult to implement due to resource constraints. That said, advanced technology developed by Guidance is opening up that possibility and changing the landscape for the global education communities.

For example, language is an acquired critical skill that demands memorization and comprehension. Studies have shown that without adequate language skills, students are likely to fail in other subjects, too. Especially for a written language, every letter, character and word must be learned and memorized by the student before it can be used in expression and communication. For a logogram type language, such as the Chinese, each character may represent one or more meanings and may take years for a person to master its use.

For a phonogram type language, such as the English, each character, sometimes known as alphabet, may be meaningless on its own but put together with other characters to form meaning-carrying words. Guidance has developed the world most complete multi-language elements-integrated English learning app based on the popular children's book 'A Pie For A Pig' by author Susan Pace-Koch to demonstrate the effectiveness of Guidance's Technology. Some of the unique features in this app include:

  1. Enjoyable for both light-hearted reading and more serious language study.
  2. Rich content with fun animation to help grow language skills and comprehension.
  3. Works equally well for parents reading to younger kids and older kids reading by themselves.
  4. Speech-, Reading- and Writing- integrated interactive activities with real-time feedback*.
  5. Suitable for both native and non-native (ESL) English language speakers.
  6. watch a demo




Meet the Author

Susan Pace-Koch was born in Alaska, raised in Washington and resides in California. The G.O.B. studio in is tucked away in a private office with plenty of room for creative ideas. Get Out Books creates colorful, diverse characters in that take children into their imaginations and beyond. We carefully select just the right illustrator for each book or APP.

A Pie for A Pig was chosen to be included in the Sun Gallery Exhibit for the 25th Annual Children’s Book Illustrator Exhibit.