Personalized Adaptive Learning

Learning Star™ brings personalized learning to a new level

Guidance Education Technologies' (GET) Learning Star™ is a series of personalized adaptive learning products using the most advanced A.I. technology and in-process analysis to bring the 21st century education practice to a new level. Starting from language learning to e-testing applications, we help students of all ages succeed in their studies and reach their full potential.

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For Pre-schoolers/Lower-Graders

Learn Anytime Anywhere with or without adult assistance. All Learning Star™ mobile apps include the built-in instructions feature to help even the youngest users get started quickly and guide them through.

For Middle-Schoolers

Supplement or upgrade an existing lesson/ exercise material with Guidance learning elements integrated is easy. The process is simple and the implementation is flexible. Contact us for details.

For Young Adults/Adults

Design your own package or pick an existing product to meet your institutional or personal needs. Instructors, content owners and publishers please contact us for customized service offer information.